Fulbright’s Cleaners: One Less Errand

In 1996, Phillip Fulbright was standing in a new grocery store complete with a bank, drug store and cleaners. He and his wife were in awe with the one-stop-shop convenience. They thought about how great it was that you could get so much accomplished in one trip to one location, but thought wouldn’t it even be easier to get your dry cleaning done if people just picked it up and then delivered it to your home?

That was the spark that started Fulbright’s Cleaners, a company that’s now been in business for 18 years. Phillip didn’t waste any time taking his dream to fruition. He started the first year with a traditional dry cleaners and then transitioned to entirely pick up and delivery services.

His first focus was not only on the pickup and delivery, but establishing his name as a high-quality cleaners. He set the standard high and all around provided the highest quality care in dry cleaning.

“I wanted to create a cleaners where problems like losing clothing and breaking buttons didn’t exist,” Phillip said. “We quickly got a great reputation for providing the best services.”

Fulbright’s Cleaners continues to go the extra mile to keep customers happy. They check all clothing for spots, so customers don’t have to point them out. If a button is missing (even prior to the cleaning), they will replace for free.

After establishing the quality of his company, Fulbright got to work on his simple and effective business model. Fulbright’s Cleaners has their own shop where they bring all the clothing to for cleaning, but they pick up and deliver across 7 counties, including Catawba, Caldwell, Alexander, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Rowan.

This helps the company to be able to expand, but still keep costs down without having to open more physical locations. They are already planning long-term with discussions about franchising and further expansion with more home services.

Currently, Fulbright’s Cleaners serves both residential customers and businesses including Hickory Springs Manufacturing, United Fabric, local schools, medical offices and hospitals.

Pickups are designed to be as convenient for the customer as possible. For businesses, there is a designated area where customers drop off and pick up their clothing. Residential pickups and deliveries are on a schedule for either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. Customers can utilize the pick-up service weekly as scheduled or only once a year if they choose. They do not have to be home for the pick up or drop off. Customers can determine a designated location on their porch or garage where they would like the clothing hung.

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